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Dylan Mills (SBN)

Key people

Dylan Mills (Owner of SBN) Dan Nazar (Logos, Graphics, Images, Website design)

Launch date

January the 16th, 2011

Callsign meaning

Sim Brother Network


About Sim Brother Network

Sim Brother Network (SBN) was created by Dylan Mills on 16th January 2011. Sim Brother Network produces Machinima, which is the use of video games to make movies, shows, etc. Sim Brother Network uses The Sims 2, And The Sims 3. Sim Brother Network is mostly dedicated to Sims Big Brother. But Sim Brother Network also teamed up with Sims Broadcasting Company (SBC) To make a spin off show for there "Teen Sim Brother" series called Sim Brother's Little Brother. Sim Brother Network also posts downloads and other videos like "Sims Big Brother House Tours" and And Sims Big Brother downloads. Sim Brother Network, is not a real company and does not gain any revenue from the videos that is posted.


Series Launch Date Status Twist Housemates Winner
Sims Big Brother 1 - USA 13/05/2011 Complete None 8 Duncan

Major Events

2011 January

On 16/01/2011 Sim Brother Network launched its channel on Youtube

2011 February

On the 10/02/2011, Sims Big Brother - UK launched on Sim Brother Network

2011 March

On the 03/03/2011 Sim Brother Network and Sims Broadcasting Company (Also known as SBC) Made a announcement that they where teaming up with SBC's show "Teen Sim Brother" SBN teamed up with SBC to make a spin of show for there TSB, named Sim Brother's Little Brother which had all the news and gossip from SBC's Teen Sim Brother show.

On the 10/03/2011 Sim Brother's Little Brother launched on Sim Brother Networks Youtube channel.

On the 22/03/2011 Sim Brother Network axed the show Sims Big Brother - UK, As it was to much to cope with, and got in the way of life and school.

On the 20/03/2011 Sim Brother Network announced that they will be making a upcoming show named Sims Big Brother - USA. where 8 houseguests enter a house for a few months all fighting to win the half a million dollar prize.

2011 April

On the 03/04/2011 Sim Brother Network aired there 1st advert for Sims Big Brother - USA. (Watch Here).

On the 25/04/2011 Sim Brother Network placed a video up on there Youtube channel with the sims that made it into Sims Big Brother - USA after all the auditions from the public.

On the 26/04/2011 The official opening titles for Sims Big Brother - USA got uploaded.

2011 May

On the 05/05/2011 Sim Brother Network uploaded a final advert for Sims Big Brother - USA telling the public the official premiere date for the show, the show was said that it will premiere on the 26th of May 2011.

On the 10/05/2011 Sim Brother Network reached 100 SUBSCRIBERS! And holded a giveaway of a copy of The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff.

On the 12/05/2011 The 1st Teaser for the new upcoming production The X Factor - Sims Edition aired on Sim Brother Network.

On the 15/05/2011 Sim Brother Network aired its 1st music video Ke$ha - Blow.

On the 17/05/2011 The Premire of Sims Big Brother 1 - USA was leaked on Sim Brother Network, so it aired early rather then the set date for it too air.

2011 June

No News in June.

2011 July

On the 09/07/2011 Sim Brother's Little Brother the spin off show was axed by SBC as SBC desided it was time for them too come to a end on Youtube, SBN wish's them the best for the future.

2011 August

On the 03/08/2011 Dan Nazar become part of SBN, he is now the official designer and maker of graphics, logos, and images for SBN.

On the 10/08/2011 SBN Premiered they brand new production The X Factor Sims Edition!

On the 11/08/2011 SBN launched a New Logo, and New Design to SBN, The new logo was made by Dan Nazar.

Sim Brother Network's Logo's (First Logo)

SBN's First logo
The 1st Logo for Sim Brother Network was inspried by the BBC Logo and was made by Dylan Mills the owner of Sim Brother Network. The Logo was used between Jan 2011 to March 2011.

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SBN's Second Logo
The 2nd Logo for Sim Brother Network was made and designed by Dan Nazar. The Logo was used between March 2011 to August 2011.

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SBN's Current Logo
The 3rd Logo for Sim Brother Network was made and designed by Dan Nazar. This is Sim Brother Network's current Logo.

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