Sims Big Brother 2 - UK
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Sims Big Brother is a reality show made with The Sims 2, 8 Housemates will enter a house, and they will be watched 24/7! Every week the Housemates will nominate there fellow Housemates for eviction! And the Housemates with the most nominations will face the public vote! The public will vote to save who they want to stay in the house, the Housemate with the least votes gets evicted to a huge crowd, and loses the chance of winning £1.000.000!

About Sims Big Brother 2 - UK

Sims Big Brother 2 - UK, 8 Sims entered a house where cameras are watching there every move, and microphones capture there every sound, every week they fight in a tasks to win food, luxurys, and power!, by the end 3 housemates will remain for the finale, and the public will vote on who they want to win title of the 2nd winner of Sims Big Brother and walk away with that £1.000.000 prize.



The Host

Katrina May was the host of Season 1 of Sims Big Brother - USA, and she is back to host the 2nd season of the show! She love's the show, and is 21 years old.

Katrina May

Katrina May