The X Factor - Sims Edition

The X Factor - Sims Edition

The X Factor - Sims Edition

Format Interactive: Reality Sims Talent Show
Created by: Dylan Mills

Judges: Dylan Mills, Iyren Maddix, Sydney McCormick, McKenzie Sonade

Type: Youtube Channel
Country of origin: UK
Host: Katrina May

The X Factor - Sims Edition is a American television competition contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions, which where people send in there Sims and Them Singing for the auditions. The show is produced by Sim Brother Network. The "X Factor - Sims Edition" of the title refers to the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality. The show is broadcast on the Youtube Channel SimBrotherNetwork in the United Kingdom.

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X Factor Audition Room!


The show is primarily concerned with identifying singing talent, though appearance, personality, stage presence and dance routines are also an important element of many performances. 12–24 males ("Boys"), 12–24 females ("Girls"), Singers 25+, and Groups.

There are three stages to the competition:

  • Stage 1: Judges' auditions
  • Stage 2: Bootcamp
  • Stage 3: Live shows (cemi's)
  • Stage 4: Live show (Finale)


A round of first auditions
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X Factor Audition Room!

is held in front of producers months before the show is aired, by application and a video response via Youtube, Should they pass that audition (either for reasons of talent or for the potential of making entertaining television) the sim is given a "golden ticket" and are invited to perform to the judges. The televised version misrepresents the process by implying that the entire huge crowds are all interviewed by the judges.

A selection of the auditions in front of the judges – usually the best, the

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X Factor Theater Where Auditions Take Place!

worst and the most bizarre – are broadcast over the first few weeks of the show. If a majority of the judges say "yes" then the act goes through to the next stage, otherwise the act is sent home.


Sims and singers from the auditions all move on to bootcamp, they will all be put into 4 groups, Boys 12-24, Girls 12-24, Singers 25+, Vocal Groups 12+

The X Factor Judges will then be desided by the production team who gets what group, once the judges have found out which group they will be taking on, The judges and sims will be flying abroad! Each Judges has a different house abroad which they own, and the sims will be living there over the next few weeks, and they will have to inpress there judge by singing there heart out as there can only be 8 Cemi Final contestants.

The X Factor house

The selected top 8 singers and groups move into shared accommodation to take part in the show. The house accommodates both contestants and TV production staff and footage from the house is often used.

Live shows

The finals consist of a series of two live shows,

the first featuring the contestants' performances

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X Factor Live Stage!

and the second revealing the results of the public

voting, culminating in one or more acts being eliminated.

Celebrity guest performers also feature regularly.


In the initial live shows, each act performs once in the first show in front of a studio audience and the judges, usually sing over a pre-recorded backing track. Dancers are also commonly featured. Acts occasionally accompany themselves on guitar or piano.

A celebrity guest connected to the theme is often invited onto the show, and clips are shown of the guest conversing with the contestants at rehearsal. After each act has performed, the judges comment on their performance. Heated disagreements, usually involving judges defending their contestants against criticism, are a regular feature of the show. Once all the acts have appeared, the phone lines open and the viewing public vote on which act they want to keep.


Before the results are announced, there are live or pre-recorded performances from one or more invited celebrities. The two acts polling the fewest votes are revealed. Both these acts perform again in a "final showdown", and the judges vote on which of the two to send home. In the event of a tie the show goes to deadlock, and the act who came last in the public vote is sent home. The actual number of votes cast for each act is not revealed, nor even the order; according to a spokesman, "We would never reveal the voting figures during the competition as it could give contestants an unfair advantage and spoil the competition for viewers".


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X Factor - Sims Edition Judges!

Dylan Mills:

Dylan Mills is a sim in the sim world that lives in Pleasantview, He is 23 years old, and is the owner of Sim Brother Network, and The X Factor - Sims Edition Show.
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Dylan Mills

Iyren Maddix:

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Iyren Maddix

Iyren Maddix is a sim in the sim world that lives in Pleasantview, he is 20 years old, and is the owner of Sims Demol Productions.

Sydney McCormick:

Sydnet McCormick is a sim in the sim world that lives in Pleasantview, she is 21 years old, and is the host of the Teen Sim Brother spin off show Sim Brother's Little Brother (SBC)
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Sydney McCormick

McKenzie Sonade:

McKenzie Sonade is a sim in the sim world who lives in SBC's Pleasantview, she is 24 years old, and she hosts many shows on SimsBroadcastingCo's Youtube channel.

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McKenzie Sonade


Katrina May will be the host of The X Factor - Sims Edition, she is also known on Sim Brother Network for being a host of the hit show Sims Big Brother - USA on SBN

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Katrina May

Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for The X Factor - Sims Edition!

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The Xtra Factor

The Xtra Factor will be a spin off show for The X Factor Sims Edition made by ThinkLiveTV

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